Friday, June 1, 2012

Day Four: At Least my Boots are Dry

Favorite DogGear: My Paco Collars' Buddy System Deluxe deserves a shout out. Maybe not necessary to our trip, but it certainly makes life easier. Plus, y'know, look at the pretty . . .

Close Encounters on the Wild Side: wolf or coyote howl (probably coyote, but a girl can dream), more moose scat, some big fish jumping around in the lake, all the ticks in the north country. In my tent. Oh god . . .  

It's raining. The same steady, gentle, aggravating rain as on our second day. Between the rain and our aches from yesterday, we unanimously agreed to lay over a day and see if the rain lets up. This means that we're pretty much confined to our tents.

Our tents. Thrilling, I know.

The girls and I spend the day pretty much the same way we would at home: snuggled up together with a book. I'm pleased to see that neither of them seem to be sore, unlike their human counterparts. Piper Ann is getting Rimadyl twice a day, but Rubi is going au natural (I brought aspirin in case she needs it), and neither of them seem to be suffering from any stiffness or pain.

The rain cleared just before dinner, so we're able to eat outside and as a bonus, dry out some of our gear. It certainly raises the spirits to be able to see Partridge Lake without its rain drop pockmarks.

Pretend I wrote something witty here.

I pack away some of our gear in anticipation of an early start tomorrow, my brother makes a campfire using only matches and wet wood (it's like a miracle!), and Rubi let me know that sixteen hours is not nearly long enough for a nap, dammit.

The tent's right behind you: unleash me and get out of my way. 

I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

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