Friday, June 3, 2016

And They Lived Happily Ever After


Sorry about dropping off the face of the planet there. Grad school. Almost done.

Done enough that I've been thinking about blogging again. And I have decided to officially retire Rubi's blog. If I'm being fair (and I try), this blog hasn't been about Rubi in quite a while. Rubi's story has entered its final chapters. Bluntly, she's getting old: mellowing with time and training, and these days, life is pretty peaceful for her. She plays with her ball and her family, goes for car rides, eats good food, and loves with the same ferocity that she always has. A good life, but not so much blog material. And so other stories have been creeping in.

But never fear! I have more stories to write and have started another blog dedicated to their telling. I'd like to invite you all to join me over on The Outliers (because normal is just a word for people you haven't met yet). The content will be a blend of teaching and stories, as per my usual, but the topics will vary more. I'm sure a great deal of it will continue to revolve around dogs - because when you have dogs, you never run out of things to write about. But I also want to bring in other topics, so I'm leaving that path open as well. Heads up, my faithful readers - heaven forbid I should start with an easy topic.

And so here we go: on to new adventures!