Saturday, October 16, 2010

Furry Friends

(Originally posted Sept 10, 2010)

I agreed to dog sit this weekend for my friend Maire long before we took in Queen B, and since I don't mind crating and rotating for a few days, I decided to keep the appointment. Some of you might remember Maire from the Pride Parade. Her dog is Murdoch, and he's a scottie/cairn mix. He's a great little dog, but he's also reactive. Worse than B, actually: on a scale of 0-10 (with 0 being dog social and 10 being completely psycho), Rubi is about a 5. Murdoch is a 7. I decided to give introductions a shot since there were more points on my "pros" list than my "cons" list. Hopefully I'll write an actual entry about it, but I wanted to give you all a few snap shots from this morning in the meantime. 


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