Sunday, January 8, 2012

Calm, Confident, Connected

Today, Rubi and Zach had their first class together. All I can say is that I wish I'd had someone to work with B for a few hundred hours before I had to take her to our first class.

She made him look good. Really good. I suppose I should be proud. After all, it's a testament to all the time we've put in together that she can change to an entirely different handler with different cues and a different way of reinforcing, and she can still maintain the same behaviors we've worked so hard on. They worked on the basics: counter conditioning, emergency retreats, and the relaxation protocol - exercises we've been doing in one form or another for over a year.

Rubi whined once. When she could hear another dog, but not see him. I should probably get on that. She also threw a tantrum in her crate, but since I've never really asked her to be crated in a new place for any length of time, I'm not particularly upset about it. Neither were new issues, just things I haven't gotten around to seriously working on yet. The portion of class where Zach and Rubi were working together was spot on. I took over forty pictures, and hard as I tried, there is not a single one of them where she is looking at something other than her daddy.

I would have been okay with me if she had made him work a little harder for it.

Seriously. Look at that hip bump. What a little whore.


  1. That is so great!!! Hard work paying off, for someone else :)

  2. You should be really proud of your dog! Everyone knows who put all that work in! I hope to get to the same point with Elo where I can hand him to someone else and he will act normal.

  3. That some great work that you have behind you. And you've more good work in front of you. Be proud of Ms. Rubi! I am proud of you both.

    Sigh. I miss my old training building. I am happy to see you and Rubi enjoying the Dog Loft. I haven't found anything to replace it (yet) in the Boston area.