Monday, July 29, 2013

Hike #4: Spring Lake Park Reserve

ProTip: Hiking is an awesome headache cure.

In other news, Piper, Maus, and I headed out to Spring Lake Park Reserve yesterday. Spring Lake Park Reserve is only twenty minutes from my house, and the 60 Hike in 60 Miles book made it sound fantastic, a "hidden jewel" with spectacular bluff views of the Mississippi River.

"Hidden jewel" may have been stretching it a bit. Don't get me wrong, it was a lovely park. But I suspect the views are much lovelier when there are no leaves on the trees. Actually, maybe not - this is not a particularly attractive section of the Mississippi, what with all the trains and towers and boats. So the fact that the trees covered up these things was probably a plus.

Otherwise, the trail was great, and it was a gorgeous day for a hike. There was just enough of a breeze that the bugs didn't bother us, and we've been enjoying a mid-July cold snap here in Minnesota which lower the temp to a comfortable 65 degrees. Maus and Piper seemed to have a lot of fun exploring. Plus, no one fell off a cliff.

Just in case you're as curious as I was - there is no Spring Lake. Or at least, there isn't now. There used to be, before Lock and Dam #2 were built in Hastings in 1930. After it was built, the land flooded, and Spring Lake became part of the Mississippi River. But they still call it Spring Lake Park Reserve, presumably just to confuse people.

Bonus Picture of Functional Obedience:
Out of sight stays by the port-o-potties. You're welcome.

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