Monday, December 2, 2013

Hike #7: St Paul Waterfront

The drive on Warner road to Good Shepard along the St Paul waterfront is one of my trips. On one side, you have the city sky scrapers and on the other, the Mississippi River. The trail is only about ten minutes from my house, and I've been meaning to check it out for a while. So Maus, Piper, Cannon, and I loaded up a headed out.

Awkward family photo, take one.

I was a little disappointed. I typically like walking the dogs in the city, and I like walking them in the middle of no where, but this trail is pretty much neither of those. It's not impressive like walking through the city is, and it was to loud to be country. Plus, while walking instead of driving, I had plenty of time to admire how gross the river can get once it had traveled through the city for a few miles.

Littlest bulldog is unimpressed.
Although, to be fair, there's pretty much nothing nice about living in Minnesota in November. The leave are off the trees, the grass is dead, the sun is hiding, and all the critters (people included) are waiting for the snow so that we can settle in for the long, long wait for spring.

Awkward family photo, take two.

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